Increased efficiency of the material management organization through re-organization of the team, assignment of clear responsibility and accountability

Introduction of new ways of working and working environments in order to meet the new market requirements and to remain an attractive employer in the region

Goal: Motivation of the purchasing team and incentive to contribute to the company’s development

Goal: Establishment of a powerful purchasing team at the site

Goal: Establishment of a “Best in Class” purchasing organization by 2025 and definition of the catalog of measures for implementation

Goal: Establishment and management of a manufacturing company for hydraulic hoses with sales in Brazil for the South American market

Goal: Establishment of a global purchasing team in order to achieve the best possible purchasing conditions on a TCO basis and to reduce material costs by 20%

Goal: Material cost reduction of 20% through strategic processing of material requirements and corresponding supplier management.

Goal: Establishment of a local procurement organization (16 employees) for the newly opened plant in India

Goal: Cost reduction by using a worldwide supplier network, especially from low-wage countries

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