Global. Procurement.

My domain is procurement.

Global competition, shrinking margins, major difficulties in the entire procurement system and, in addition, a lack of strategies to meet current challenges – a picture that applies to many companies and can lead to serious difficulties.

Do you feel addressed?

It is very likely that your company also faces these challenges.



The solutions are always individual, the principle “one size fits all” is unfortunately not purposeful. Many clients experience this, especially in turbulent times, where fast and secure action is required.

Whether you are a global corporation or a local manufacturer with an international supply chain, I will lead your purchasing team and thus your company to “Best in Class”.


Global transformation and purchasing projects

Setup, optimization, and sustainable integration

of purchasing (processes/organization)

Sustainable crisis management in purchasing:

Ad-hoc assurance measures for availability and quality as well as for cost compliance

Client & industry focus

Company types



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