»I like to go the extra mile.«

Together we create win-win situations.

I am an interim manager through and through. The key to success is that things are implemented. But it is also clear that a good analysis of the situation and a concept based on it are required. This is the only way to ensure that the measures taken have the right effect.

Conclusion: In every mandate as an interim manager there is also a part of consulting, know-how, which I bring along and transfer to my clients.

In the context of my projects, especially when it comes to change, to transformation, it happens again and again that I become active as a coach. The development of managers and employees is an important part of my work in order to ensure that changes reach the company.

I'm a global citizen.

And not only on home soil. As a global citizen, I understand interrelationships across countries and cultures and try to make our planet not only fairer, but also safer and more sustainable through my decisions.

It is certainly an advantage that I myself was born in Brazil and, as a German-Brazilian, have lived in an international environment, including Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, and have worked at several production sites.

The result of years of international project work is, among other things, business fluent German, English, Portuguese and Spanish.


10/2019 – today


global. procurement.
transform to best in class

C-Level Interim Expert International

    • CPO / COO / Head of Procurement
    • Leiter Special Projects / Programs
    • Supervisory Board / Advisory Board

Here is an overview of selected projects

10/2019 – today

02/2018 – 12/2019

Bühler GmbH

(Plants for food processing)
Beilngries Deutschland
and Uzwil, Switzerland

Head of Procurement

02/2018 – 12/2019

02/2017 – 06/2018

Global Executive MBA

IESE Business School, Barcelona, NYC, Shanghai und Silicon Valley

MBA, IESE Business School

Global Executive MBA

02/2017 – 06/2018

07/2013 – 10/2017

HDS Hydraulik Brasil Ldta

(hydraulic hoses)
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Managing Director

07/2013 – 10/2017

03/2011 – 05/2013


(electric motors/generators)
Jaragua, Brazil
and Bangalore, India

Head of Global Procurement (Brazil)
and Senior General Manager Procurement (Expatriate: India)

03/2011 – 05/2013

01/2008 – 02/2011

ENGEL Austria GmbH

(injection moulding machines)
Schwertberg, Austria

Director Global Purchasing – Drive Technology

01/2008 – 02/2011

10/2002 – 12/2007

Bombardier Transportation GmbH

Berlin, Hennigsdorf, Germany

Commodity Manager of the Service Division in Strategic Purchasing, Group Procurement – Project Management and Trainee

10/2002 – 12/2007

Studies & School

Global Executive MBA
IESE Business School, Barcelona, NYC, Shanghai und Silicon Valley

Degree: MBA, IESE Business School

Technical University of Berlin, Germany:
Business studies (partly in Chile)

Degree: Business Degree

Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta, USA
Marketing, Product Planning and Business Environment (semester abroad)

Universidad Gabriela Mistral – Santiago, Chile: Business Administration program

»Licencia de Educación Media« (corresponds to the German Abitur)
German School Santiago – Santiago, Chile

Memberships & Network

Association for professional Interim Management in Germany

Association for professional Interim Management in Austria

German Association for Materials Management, Purchasing & Logistics

Between the Mandates

I’m off then

The time between mandates is important. As a rule, my mandates run for several months and they get my full attention from the first to the last day. When the project is successfully completed, I use the time to gather strength for new tasks. It is just as important for my clients. They can expect a highly motivated Richard Porstmann with full batteries.

Recharging my batteries – I do that in nature, while singing in the men’s choral society or on my bike. It was a real highlight when I cycled the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage route. One of my favourite books, “Ich bin dann mal weg: Meine Reise auf dem Jakobsweg” (I’m Off Then: Losing and Finding Myself on the Camino de Santiago) by Hape Kerkeling, also fits in with this.

What also always helps me is a certain mental strength that comes from my experience as a competitive athlete. At that time I was among the top 50 fencers worldwide and was preparing my participation in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. However, my desire to pursue an academic career prevailed, so I chose this over high-performance sports.

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