Introduction of new working environments at a medium-sized mechanical engineering company

Introduction of new ways of working and working environments in order to meet the new market requirements and to remain an attractive employer in the region


Duration: 6 months

Role in the project: Project Manager

Area of operation, geographical: Germany


Branch: Industry / Mechanical engineering

Number of employees: 1,200 worldwide


  • Definition and implementation of the project plan for the introduction of new working environments in the company, including changes to the culture and working environment
  • By defining a multiplier team, rapid introduction of the concept and implementation of the change within the entire organization
  • Coordination of the implementation of the concept in the first office building and preparation of a blueprint for the implementation in the other buildings


  • Create and execute project plan and monitor compliance
  • Communication and coordination between internal project participants (multipliers) and the service provider during the course of the project
  • Control of the trades / service providers in cooperation with building management, purchasing and IT
  • Leadership of the multiplier team
  • Leadership of the project team (internal and external participants)
  • Identification of the requirements of the departments concerned
  • In cooperation with the external service provider, create a blueprint “standard office world” of the new concept and apply it according to the land use plan to all other office buildings


Global team consisting of:

  • Managing Partner
  • Management
  • Division Manager
  • 20 multipliers from all departments
  • Facility Management Team
  • Miscellaneous trades


  • Regular feedback meetings with shareholders
  • Weekly meetings with multipliers and core team
  • Informal discussions with employees


  • Definition and implementation of a blueprint “New Working Worlds” including structural and cultural change at the main site
  • Preparation of the team to independently implement the further steps


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