Establishment of the Team – Local Procurement / SCM

Goal: Establishment of a local procurement organization (16 employees) for the newly opened plant in India


Duration: 6 months + 6 months improvement management
Role in the project: Project Manager

Operational area, geographical:

  • India
  • Brazil


Type: Mechanical engineering
Turnover: 5 Bn. EUR
Number of employees: 25,000


As part of the globalization strategy, a plant was opened in India. At the time of the go-live, purchasing had not yet been established and was managed with resources from the head office.

Most of the material was imported from Brazil and the projects were assembled on site.


  • Definition of the required organization
  • Building understanding of Indian culture
  • Creation of the appropriate role profiles & recruitment
  • Selection / training / introduction of new employees
  • Translation and adaptation of process manuals
  • Introduction of processes and tools
  • Supplier selection / auditing / implementation / management
  • Integration of the team into the India organization
  • Establishment of decision-making bodies and escalation levels
  • Establishment of a control and reporting instrument for the management of the team
  • Establishment of an action plan for the personnel development of the team
  • Teambuilding events to strengthen cohesion and intercultural understanding
  • Adjustment of internal logistics processes due to changes in the plant


  • Human Resources Manager
  • IT employees
  • Buyers from the head office


  • Regular coordination with plant management and HR
  • Monthly reporting to business unit managers


  • Purchasing in the head office
  • Human Resources
  • Plant management
  • Business Unit Manager
  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Finances / Controlling


Within a short period of time, a diversified team was successfully established that understood the local market and was able to source the plant’s needs locally. This prevented further costs.


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